Griff is the artist you probably haven’t heard of but you should...and quickly! Racking up an impressive 360,000 Spotify streams on her debut single ‘Mirror Talk’, the 18 year old’s only track to date. The video for her first single has also reached similarly impressive numbers.

Signed to ‘Warner Records’, Griff, who left sixth form this summer, now has her attention solely on her music. With an Instagram feed most of her peers would be envious of and an image that is striking and distinct, the young artist has it all. Completed with the music to match.

The only way to describe ‘Mirror Talk’ is incredibly catchy. Managing to blur the line between ubercool and cheesy pop, lyrics that are slightly too relatable and the exploration of strong feminist themes. The likeable artist recently released an acoustic version of the song complete with a video that matches her strong artistry and just showed any nay-sayers (not that there any) that her musical ability is undeniable.

With an A-level in textiles, fashion takes prominence in her work. Her own design, a top, is featured on the single’s artwork. Griff’s input into her career doesn’t just stop there, the single was even co-produced by her.

Griff, is a self taught pop star and producer, like many current artists owing thanks to technology. Borrowing her brothers ‘Logic’ to explore writing and recording her own material. The hours spent honing her craft have obviously paid off with ‘Mirror Talk’ being played by Annie Mac as her ‘New Name’ on BBC Radio 1 back in July.

The song itself is a welcome break to the current repetition heard on Radio 1’s playlist. Griff seems the perfect artist to break into the mainstream. A pop star that is genuinely interesting, likeable (her Instagram stories prove just this) and has the talent and stage presence which is lacking in so many current artists.

With her first live performance round the corner and more music due to be released in the coming months, myself and I’m sure her 80,000 monthly Spotify listeners can’t wait to see what she has in store.

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