As a music fan, there’s nothing better than the initial joy of discovering a new artist. The song you just want to keep playing on repeat, the album artwork you fall in love with or the pure excitement you get when you find out that ‘that’ artist is playing a gig near you. However in an age filled with constant connection to everybody and everything around us it feels seemingly harder to discover new musical talent.

The talent is certainly out there but am I being a lazy consumer and denying myself the chance to discover someone new to listen to? It feels like a lot of us are stuck in the loop of listening to the same old Spotify playlists and when we get bored of that one, we either create another or revert back to the one we were bored of before. My most recent playlist contains only one artist that hasn’t hit the perceived ‘mainstream’ the rest of it filled with established artists. Now, there’s no way I don’t want to not find new music but it just seems a lot of effort…

Everybody is increasingly busy that unfortunately less time can be devoted to our hobbies and interests so not all of us can meander into record shop of a Saturday morning to pick out the latest releases Surely Youtube and streaming sites should make this easier for us to find new music and whilst I can’t bad mouth Spotify's release radar; I find my recommended and daily mixes full of the songs I’ve listened to the previous week-nothing wrong with that-but surely we will just be stuck in a cycle of sticking to the same old trusted songs we just can't let go of. It seems that this isn’t an issue across the board. Dedicated Instagram accounts and Youtube channels are devoted to spotlighting the next big grime track, such as GRM, so where are the platforms for the UK band scene?

Perhaps this is a first world problem, and really If we care enough we will go in search of new music but surely it is the media and streaming companies whose jobs it is to deliver these services.

Elton John regularly speaks out about how he thinks radio stations overplay songs and that they should have a 10 week time limit to ensure new music is always emerging. Perhaps he is right? Have algorithms and radio rivalry killed the emergence of new talent and the chance to reach a wide audience or are we all just too tied up in other things to really have time to care.

There's definitely no shortage of talent, maybe it's just emerging in new way that we’re not quite used to yet.