Bristol band gürl release hazy dark ballad SAGA

If you think music is lacking a bit of bite, then this is the band for you!

Combining soul, rock, and a hint of hip-hop, this three-piece formed of Joshua Dalton, Seb Pelter, and Jonny Turner have today released their third single.

While this self described neo-soul group are certainly not for everybody. They are reimagining what we are expecting of today's bands.

True not just in a musical sense but a literal one; offering fans the chance to win a bath bomb for pre-saving their new track ahead of today's release.

The type of unconventional yet fun promotion that is sure to help aid this young bands musical progression.

The new track, SAGA , feels like the perfect sound to accompany the late night/early morning blues.

Upon listening it is instantly striking but it cannot be discussed without mentioning the intense powerful vocals which have been intelligently layered over a delicate musical accompaniment.

As the band's third and strongest release to date, each single feels slightly different from the last, proving the true versatility of this group.

With an album expected at a later date, gürl certainly have a strong musical identity that fans can be sure to connect with. Proving that to be authentic artists you must follow your heart.

Click Here to pre-save the SAGA ahead of this evenings release.