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“We just made whatever felt right" - milk. release debut EP

Dublin band milk. may have only burst onto the music scene a little over a year ago but today they are bringing us the soundtrack of home isolation with their new EP, aptly named - 1, The EP.

With a sound that could easily but lazily be compared to Pale Waves and The 1975, this exciting new group comprised of Mark McKenna (vocals), Conor Gorman (guitar), Conor King (bass) and Morgan Wilson (drums) have delivered a record that exceeds a conventional extended play and spans traditional genre territory.

The six-track EP is focussed on intimacy and relationships, a subject that stemmed from the end of singer Mark’s relationship.

“I had just gotten out of a long term relationship that started when I was quite young.

“When you’re young and in a relationship, you feel like it’s this perfect thing no one else has and you can trick yourself into thinking you’re in love because you don’t really know what love for anyone outside of your family feels like.

“In my case, I mistook intimacy and infatuation for love.”

The EP feels like a carefully guided journey through the tracklist but yet each song strong enough to stand alone in today's world of playlists.

“We just write whatever we want really. We just like making tunes that we like listening to, which can vary quite widely in genre." Mark says.

“The way the music industry is now, far fewer people listen to full albums. It's all about playlists, where you naturally would have a mash-up of loads of different genres, so it doesn’t feel as weird to be so varied anymore.”

Having quickly garnered online attention, the writing process wasn’t necessarily a fast one. With Mark admitting: “It took a lot longer than it probably should have.”

Connor G added: “The first demos were written in 2017 and have been developing slowly right up until February of this year.

“We just made whatever felt right and had a rough idea of the track-list we wanted to emerge with.”